We take a whole systems iterative approach encompassing all aspects of life to unlock abundance for all.

“All things are parts of one single system, which is called nature; the individual life is good when it is in harmony with nature.”
- Zeno


The best tools to build your for-purpose organization or value-based network. 

Hypha provides fraud resistant and democratic tools for groups to organize, govern, recognize, and coordinate like never before. Whether you are a business, non-profit, village, city, farm, cooperative, movement, community, or altogether a new type of economic system sharing purpose, Hypha has a range of flexible and easy tools to help you create your own digitally native organisation to fit your style of governance and achieve your goals.

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SEEDS is a third horizon economic system and the first DAO created by Hypha, using its tools.

SEEDS exists to help address several crises facing humanity today by building tools that help systemically regenerate our environment and communities by creating alternatives to the economic systems that are currently incentivizing and rewarding environmentally and socially destructive behaviors.

Integrity. Earth

Integrity.Earth connects people and organisations in regenerative projects that bring humanity back into harmony with our environment.

Together with our partners we create the integrated impulse for real socio-ecological change.With our systemic approach, we connect people, organisations and companies and together lay the foundations for resilient and equitable communities. We integrate ancient-future technologies to solve the most pressing problems of our planet so that future generations can thrive.

Our initiatives include:
Regenerative Land Trust Fund

What if a village could own the village?  The Regenerative Fund is a multidimensional instrument including a regenerative land trust and shared equity investment opportunities.We are developing new economical infrastructures to financially support the work of regenerative stewards, while shifting our economical value systems in favor of life and wealthy relations with land, bring forward local highest potential, strong communities, food sovereignty, thrivability and resilience.

Movement of Movements - MoM DAO

We inspire, connect and empower organizations and individuals to create vibrant and thriving regenerative cultures and civilizations.

Festival DAO

We organize gatherings of wisdom keepers, indigenous communities, visionaries, artists, and solutionaries of all traditions to inspire and ignite a deeper understanding of how we can tread lightly, and live harmoniously as we support each other in the creation of the world we want to see.

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Planetary Federation of Bioregions

A global movement of people and organizations working towards a cooperative economy that works for 100% of humanity, in the shortest possible time, through spontaneous cooperation, ecological regeneration and equal advantage for all.

Cooperative Bank COOPAEP in Panama

A digital cooperative bank leveraging innovative structured finance to fund the transition towards a regenerative civilization and many more.

ULISSES - Universal Lawful Identity based on Self Sovereignty & Security

A non-profit foundation that creates a universal natural law identity accessible to all people. In doing so, the well-being of the individuals is just as central as the common good. The Foundation is to have suitable tools developed for this purpose and make them permanently available, as well as take measures for their worldwide dissemination and legal recognition by states and the United Nations.

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